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Playboy Argentina – Full 2010 Issues

Playboy Argentina – Full Year 2010 Issues Collection
12 issues | HQ PDF | 363.40 MB

Playboy Argentina edition is made especially for you with the issues and items that make it the most readable mens magazine in the world with the unique beauty of Argentina women inside.


OpenCart 1.4 Beginner's Guide by Murat Yilmaz

OpenCart 1.4 Beginner's Guide by Murat Yilmaz :

OpenCart is a popular open source shopping cart solution and provides elegantly written tools to establish a fully functional online store from scratch in a very short time with intuitive screens. It can be a difficult task for beginners to go beyond the basics and apply all the features, which they will require for their businesses.

This practical book gives you hands-on experience on using and managing OpenCart, helping you start feature-rich, professional online stores easily. It also teaches you how to organize your online store effectively in terms of products, payments, shipping, orders, and customer relations.

OpenCart 1.4 Beginner’s Guide will teach you how to build a store that can take control of all the online shopping needs. You will be able to run multiple shops in a single installation. You will learn how to set up products and correctly organize in categories. You will correctly integrate a payment gateway and shipping method after reading the comparisons and applying the examples. You will learn how to define taxes and apply them according to the geolocation of a customer. This book also teaches you how to manage orders and customers. You can impress your customers and increase the availability of the website to more people with the help of this practical guide. Additionally, the book also teaches you how to use design templates and apply SEO (search engine optimization) to make the store more visible for search engine queries.

Explore OpenCart—build robust shopping websites with high-level functionality.

What you will learn from this book :

* Install OpenCart correctly, explore different online store organization models, and choose the one that suits your needs
* Create categories, products, product options, and assign their advanced parameters
* Manage taxes with geo zones and link them to products
* Configure store settings, including welcome message, currencies, languages, modules, themes, SEO links, and so on
* Different payment models, including Bank Transfer, PayPal, Cash on Delivery, Money order,, and so on
* Enable one or more shipping methods, including free, flat rate, weight-based, per item, UPS, and USPS
* Apply product discounts, create coupon codes, set special prices for sales in bulk
* Manage orders and change statuses, print invoices, and so on
* Grouping and managing customers, sending e-mail newsletters and managing OpenCart administration panel with multiple users with different permission levels
* Localize your online store by adding new languages and currencies, and correctly upgrade current OpenCart system

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Building Online Communities With Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress

Building Online Communities With Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress:

Content management, blogs, and online forums are among the most significant online trends today, and Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress are three of the most popular open source applications facilitating these trends.

Drupal is a full content management system that allows you to create any type of website you desire, from an e-commerce to a community-based site. phpBB enables you to set up a bulletin board or forum. And WordPress is the software of choice for the exploding blog community. All three technologies are based on PHP and MySQL.


Ebook on Make Yourself a Millionaire : How to Sleep Well and Stay Sane on the Road to Wealth

Make Yourself a Millionaire : How to Sleep Well and Stay Sane on the Road to Wealth:

Charles Zhang became one of today's most nationally known and trusted financial advisers by stressing sanity and sensible investing over dubious, get-rich-quick tricks and schemes. In Make Yourself a Millionaire, Zhang transfers his program to the printed page. Far from a confusing, all-or-nothing approach, this book outlines a clear and rational approach to organizing and planning all aspects of a financial life.

How do different investments work? How much insurance is too much? Zhang answers these questions and more as he discusses:

- Recommended investments for virtually any portfolio
- Asset allocation techniques that work
- Actual examples of success and disaster
- The role of insurance as a key element in a portfolio
- All major financial instruments: stocks, bonds, funds, REITs, cash


EBook on 50 Best Jobs for Your Personality - JIST Works

50 Best Jobs for Your Personality - JIST Works:

This book helps readers discover their personality type and the 50 best jobs that relate to it. Shows how personality relates to careers.
Includes a self-assessment for determining one"s personality type based on John Holland"s pioneering work: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, or Conventional. Lists the 50 best jobs that relate to each personality type.


The Complete E-Commerce Book

The Complete E-Commerce Book

Make your e-commerce vision a success with this comprehensive, step-by-step handbook. Whether your company is a startup or well-established, you’ll learn how to plan, implement and operate a successful e-commerce site - from selecting the right software through fulfilling orders.

The expert author starts by helping you plan the customer experience and design an effective, easy access interface. You then progress to cutting-edge programming techniques and robust server configuration. Next, you’ll master site marketing, customer service, order processing, warehousing and shipping. Along the way are plenty of real-world examples of Web sites to explore so you can learn what to do - and what not to do. Using this book as a tutorial and a reference, you’ll learn how to:

-Create a custom business model for success.
-Select the software, hardware and hosting service that will best meet your needs.
-Master outsourcing, building traffic, order processing and fulfillment.
-Choose the type of site that will fit your needs by reviewing current examples of brochureware sites, online stores, subscriptions sites, cyber malls and more.
-Choose the right vendors and consultants to get the job done - and learn how to manage their work effectively.
-Build a web site that stands out form the rest.
-Keep your customers happy with easy access, prompt delivery, good customer service and continuous enhancement of site quality and content.

Business owners, Web entrepreneurs and everyone who’s involved with setting up and rolling out an e-commerce site will find answers to their business and technical questions in this all-in-one handbook!

The Complete E-Commerce Book: Design, Build and Maintain a Successful Web-based Business

The Complete E-Commerce Book: Design, Build and Maintain a Successful Web-based Business

This books shows how to build a successful e-commerce operation, incorporating careful planning of the customer experience, effective design, cutting-edge programming, and robust server configuration, as well as marketing, customer service, order processing, and warehouse and shipping.

This book covers all of the important areas of designing, building, and maintaining a successful Web based business. The second edition addresses e-commerce opportunities with online auctions, peer-to-peer file sharing, and weblogs. This edition also provides the reader with updated and expanded coverage on the complete range of e-commerce issues, including technology, customer experience, security considerations, search engine marketing, and much more.

Gurus on e-business

Gurus on e-business

This book explores the impact and significance of e-business as illustrated by the work and thinking of a number of key players in the field. Its aim is to be an accessible guide for business people who are looking to make optimal and profitable use of e-business, as well as students and others who are looking for a deeper understanding of the subject.